Concertino for Winds

Concertino for Winds

Recorded (live) by Wind Ensemble “Zuiderwind” (NL) – conducted by Jos van de Braak.

This work was written in a fairly short time and I cherish the memories related to its composition. That is why I give it the pet name of “Zuiderwind Concertino”.

A pet name with a double meaning, firstly referring to the ensemble “Zuiderwind”, but it is also a reference to a corner of the world where everything is more pleasant than here. This last relates to the death of my brother-in-law, to whom this work is dedicated.

The first movement, Andante con Moto, is a sort of serenade, a quiet lullaby like movement, in which the main theme is presented by a horn or clarinet solo. This movement exudes serenity and level-headedness,  like the character of my brother-in-law.

The second movement, Allegro Molto Scherzando, is a sort of fleeting dance, a sort of Scherzo, but then again not. It has some common ground with Mahler whilst still remaining accessible.

The third movement Adagio non troppo – Andante Calme e Celeste, is an emotional finale to the concertino. Here, the main theme forms the basis of a melody (with thanks to Puccini). In the Coda (Andante Calme e Celeste) the main theme returns with an almost celestial atmosphere.

Demo Score: ➞ Concertino for Winds, (a version with 2 horns is also available)

Publisher: Janssen Music