Janssen Music:

For all compositions and arrangements, published by Janssen Music, please click the button below or use the → contact form.

Other publishers of my work:

→ Baton Music Eindhoven

PO box 6401
5600 HK Eindhoven
The Netherlands
tel.: +31 40 2930581

only transcriptions and arrangements.

→ Bronsheim Music

Boedapestlaan 217
3404 VC IJsselstein
tel.: +31 (0)30 265 7309

compositions and arrangements.

For all other requests you can also use the → contact form.

This orchestra recorded a full → cd of my works:

→ Fanfare Orkest Brass-aux-Saxes, (B)

Other useful links:

→ FASO Bibliotheek
→ Limburgse Bond van Muziekgezelschappen (LBM)