An increasing number of my compositions and transcriptions have been performed and/or recorded by well known orchestras, such as: Royal Wind Band of the Belgian Guides (B), Royal Military Band KMKJWF (NL), Musique Militaire Grand Ducale Luxembourg (L), L’ Artistica Manises (E), Royal Wind Band of Thorn (NL), Windband St. Michaël Thorn (NL), Philharmonie Zuid-Nederland (NL), Fanfare Band Brass-aux-Saxes Westerlo (B), Royal Old Wind Band (K.O.H.) of Eijsden (NL), Royal Wind Orchestra Sainte Cécile Eijsden (NL), Royal Bevers Wind Orchestra (B), Royal Philharmonie Bocholtz (NL) and many more.

Check my Youtube-channel, you’ll find some great full recordings:

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Now, an excellent cd of my compositions for fanfare band is also available:

→ “Brass aux Saxes plays Christiaan Janssen”

On my Soundcloud page there are many Midi Demo Recordings available:

There are also (live) demo recordings available on request. Please, fill in the →contact form.

All of the fragments are protected by copyright. Use of these fragments for purposes other than personal enjoyment, practice or study is explicitly forbidden. Distribution of the fragments is also prohibited.