Three Pieces for Oboe, Violin, Cello and Piano

Was written in 2010 for the “Munsterkwartet”. It was intended as a practice piece.

The first piece, Andante, is peaceful, modest and melodious. It has a simple theme and form with a pulsating supporting accompaniment.

The second piece forms a stark contrast. The Vivace is volatile, playful and with counterpoint. This movement has a simple ABA form, in which the 2nd theme melodious but still volatile, seeks its way back to the 1st theme, which returns in a varied form and ends with a virtuoso.

The 3rd piece takes the form of a cortège. A solemn melody in g minor is authentically supported by a simple rhythmic motif. The counterpoint melodic lines, still in simple form, seek their way to the climax, in which the melody, now in radiant g major, via a short but intense coda works its way to the finale. 

This work is characterized by its simple structure with easily understood melodic lines and accessible harmonies. This results in it being suitable for performance as well as its original function.

Publisher: Janssen Music

Demo Recording: (live) by L1 Radio, performanced by “Munsterkwartet”, Roermond (NL).