Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Grade: 6

Duration: ± 21 minutes

Publisher: Janssen Music

Demo score: → Symphonietta

Symphonietta consists of three movements and is inspired by the wealth of magnificent church and concert organs in the world. 

The work of Charles Widor, who with his marvellous organ symphonies has enthralled countless listeners, was an extra source of inspiration, whilst not wishing to imitate him. The atmosphere of this work is reminiscent of a large cathedral or church in which these types of works are usually played.

It begins with a sort of conversation between the different soloists and evolves into a beautiful melody. The sacred atmosphere in the 2nd theme forms the foundation for the rest of the work.

The playful 2nd movement, in which there are further variations on the themes, provides a good contrast to this.

In the 3rd movement the conversation returns, following which there is a build-up to the largest climax. The listener is thus left with an impressive image of a splendid organ. 

Symphonietta (Full Midi Demo)