Rubato for Fanfare

Rubato was composed with the aim of creating a work which would bring a surprise to both musicians and audiences each time it was performed.

The musical term “rubato” or “tempo rubato” proved very suitable for this. The Italian term “tempo rubato” literally means stolen time. In performance it is the practice of altering the relationship between written note-values and making the pulse flexible by accelerating and slowing down the tempo. The fact that there are more types of  rubato creates an enormous potential for different performances as long as the musical logic is respected.

Rubato is a challenging work full of artistic tension. There is a solo-like introduction. Four saxophone soloists have to try to ensure that one saxophone comes into being with one opinion as to the chosen tempo rubato.

After the introduction the flugelhorn initially plays the main theme which continually transforms during the piece. Different soloists take over from the flugelhorn which results in a majestic repetition of the original theme.

Recording: (live) by Fanfare “Brass-aux-Saxes” Westerlo (B) – conducted by Jan van Hove.

Demo Score: ➞ Rubato for Fanfare 

Publisher: → Bronsheim Music