Quadriptych is as the title suggests a four-part piece and freely inspired by painting-art in common. Quadriptych are paintings with four different elements, atmosphere, color and emotion, but together they tell us just one story or theme.

In Quadriptych I tried to shape four different points of view, with just one single leitmotif (freely inspired by Johann Sebastian Bach). The motif doesn’t change (at least not very much) but the whole atmosphere, color, emotion and (musical) lines do. Just like the familiar painting art.

  1. Prelude – hectic and emotional
  2. Menuet – frivolous
  3. Fugue – fugitive
  4. Final – nostalgic

Quadriptych is commissioned by “Stichting Orgelkring Franciscus Huis Weert (NL)” and is composed for windensemble and organ.

Demo score: → Quadriptych

Publisher: Janssen Music