This work was commissioned by Wind Orchestra „St. Lucia“ Neeritter (NL), conducted by Jac Sniekers, on the occasion of 50 years patronage by sir Paul Driessens and his devotion for the village Neeritter (NL).

Itera is the name for „Neeritter“ as used in the Middle Ages.

The piece contains 4 short parts, each telling about the history of Neeritter or in relationship to sir Paul Driessens.

After a majestic opening, a gracious dance tells us about the year-markets, the civic guards and the meadow party in 1926 (year of birth sir Paul Driessens) in the past.

Then we hear the church bells of St. Lambertus, the centre of the village. The music starts to flow like the „Itterbeek“, a small brook (the namesake of Neeritter). The music tells us a story about
St. Lucia, patron of Wind Orchestra St. Lucia. This part is also the homage to sir Paul Driessens.

After this story about all nostalgic feelings the many past successful (street)-concerts and contests by Wind Orchestra St. Lucia are illustrated. The piece ends with a quote of the Limburg anthem. (The lyricist, sir Gerard Krekelberg, was born in Neeritter.)

Publisher: Janssen Music

Demo Score: → Itera

Demo Recording: