Il Giubileo d’ Argento

Overture for Fanfare band.

“Il Giubileo d’ Argento” (the silvern jubilee) was commissioned by “Fanfare St. Willibrordus Stramproy” on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of their conductor René Schrader.

With this overture, in three consecutive parts, the musical well-being of Fanfare St. Willibrordus is illustrated.

The first part has the Spanish influences, referring to the trip to Valencia, which is a clear highlight in the history of the fanfare band.
The second part is a kind of melancholic look back, with some funny elements in it, to accentuate conductor René Schrader.
And the third part is with the fugatic structure a kind of looking back at the many rehearsals that have also led to the various highlights.

Publisher: Janssen Music

Full Recording: Recorded (during rehearsal) by Fanfare St. Willibrordus Stramproy, conducted by Bart Partouns 

Demo score