Appassionato, an overture for Fanfare Band was composed in 2006 based on the musical term ”Apassionato”, which can mean passionate, fervent, obsessed, heated, fanatic, rousing, hot-blooded, intense, infatuated, diligent, profound, stormy, enraptured, ardent, fiery, warm-blooded, sultry, warm, high-spirited, excited, inflammable, tempestuous, furious, vivid, enthusiastic and inspired.

The main theme is based on a number of the above definitions: passionate and enthusiastic. The work commences without an introduction with the main theme being played by the horn section. The listener is, as it were, directly “passionately” carried along in the stream of the music.

The second theme is based on a postcard with the text “I am at rest, whilst dancing passionately”. The theme has the character of a dance and gradually becomes integrated with the main theme. By this means there is a fiery interaction between the two themes which leads into the third theme.

This third theme is based on the adage: “Cursed passion, come murder me with your rage, but do not kill me with your sneaking poison”. The theme creeps to the climax to result in a fiery coda, in which the main theme is “murdered” slowly.

Recording: (live) by Fanfare “Brass-aux-Saxes” Westerlo (B) – conducted by Jan van Hove.

Demo Score: ➞ Appassionato 

Full Recording: CD → Brass aux Saxes plays Christiaan Janssen

Publisher: → Bronsheim Music