Konzert für 2 Klarinetten – Franz Anton Hoffmeister

InstrumentationWind Band
Duration10 minutes
PublisherJanssen Music
Demo Score→ Download

Franz Anton Hoffmeister was born in Rottenburg am Neckar on 12 May 1754. At the age of fourteen he went to Vienna to study law. Following his studies, however, he decided on a career in music and by the 1780s he had become one of the city’s most popular composers, with an extensive and varied catalogue of works to his credit.

Hoffmeister’s reputation today rests mainly on his activities as a music publisher. By 1785 he had established one of Vienna’s first music publishing businesses.

Hoffmeister published his own works as well as those of many important composers of the time, including Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and many others.

This transcription of the 1st movement of “Konzert für 2 Klarinetten” for (small) wind band gives soloists a great opportunity to showcase themselves in this beautiful work.