InstrumentationFanfare Band
Duration15 minutes
PublisherJanssen Music
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Skines (Full Midi)

Skines was commissioned by “Fanfare St. Caecilia Schinnen” (NL).

Skines is an old name for the village and the landscape around the Limburg village of Schinnen. It means to shine or glare.

In three merging parts, the musical story is told of a kestrel that, while praying (looking for prey), absorbs, undergoes, adapts and (triumphantly) survives all the appearances or brilliance (in both positive and negative sense) within the landscape.

The apparitions are a metaphor for elements, influences and/or sounds (without a concrete name) within the regions, which can be seen from the air and which have a major influence on the flora and fauna, as well as the people in the Limburg landscape.

The second part describes the kestrel (sung the soprano voice) the feeling these apparitions evoke in him. The text is a free translation (in German) of a short poem from “The Chinese Flute” by the Chinese writer Li-Tai-Po (701-762);

In dem Fremde

In fremdem Lande lag ich.
Weißen Glanz malte der Mond
vor meine Lagerstätte.

Ich hob das Haupt, Ich meinte erst,
es sei der Reif der Frühe,
was ich schimmern sah,
dann aber wußte ich:
der Mond, der Mond,
und neigte das Gesicht zur Erde hin.
Und meine Heimat winkte mir von fern.

Live recording during WMC 2022 – Fanfare St. Caecilia Schinnen (NL) – Theo Wolters, conductor – Claudia Couwenbergh, soprano