Impresiones de Estepona

InstrumentationWind Band
Duration15 minutes
PublisherJanssen Music
Demo Scorenot available yet

Awarded composition of the 3rd International Composition Competition for Symphonic Band “Estepona, Jardín de la Costa del Sol”

“Impressions de Estepona” is a continuous suite for symphonic band based on the cultural and musical heritage of Estepona.

In the first part, after a short majestic opening, the center of the city is musically expressed in the form of a colorful rondo with some free references to the Andalusian Cadenza. My inspiration was the colorful streets of Estepona, linked to the rich history of the city, where the Moorish influences can be seen, felt and heard.

The second part tells us about the beautiful monuments in the old city, starting from the church of “los Remedios”, walking along the various interesting sights, ending with the great panorama at “Punta Doncella”.

The last part of this suite is all about “Ferias y Fiestas”. Also here I used the traditional ceremonies as inspiration combined with some free references to flamenco, taking us from “San Isidro Labrador” to the “Ferias y Fiestas mayores” along all the cheerful, exciting and ecstatic celebrations. The work ends euphorically with the opening motif.

The work has numerous educational elements for wind orchestras, such as counterpoint, rhythmic variation and timbre variations. The work is therefore more than just a beautiful story about a beautiful city in Spain and hopefully inspire many musicians and orchestra to get the best out of themselves.

Score and parts are available from May 2024!