Royal Entrance

Royal Entrance

St. Michaël’s Hymne

Composed for Queens day 2011 in the Netherlands for the brass ensemble of Symphonic Wind Orchestra St. Michael of Thorn. In 2012 the piece was re-orchetrated for wind band for the 150th anniversary of  Symphonic Wind Orchestra St. Michael of Thorn.

The piece starts with a short introduction. Afterward the main theme is presented, which is based on the association song of Symphonic Wind Band St. Michael of Thorn. After this majestic theme a short variation on motifs followed by the great reprise of the main theme. The piece ends with a short but fantastic coda.

Demo score:  → Royal Entrance (ensemble version), → Royal Entrance (version for wind band)

Publisher: Janssen Music

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Old Man of Hoy

Old Man of Hoy

A musical description of “The Old Man of Hoy”, a 137 meter high sandstone pillar on a volcanic foot, situated on the Scottish Island of Hoy.

Hoy is the 2nd largest of the Orkney Islands. These islands, to the north-east of Scotland, are very windy. Many birds breed on the sheer cliffs surrounding “The Old Man of Hoy.

Recording: by Fanfare Orkest “De Hoop” Stellendam (NL) – conducted by Arie Stolk.

Full Recording: CD ➞ “Tarass Boulba”

Demo Score: ➞ Old Man of Hoy 

Publisher: → Bronsheim Music

Concerto for Band

Concerto for Band

The inspiration for this four part work came from past masters.

The first movement is inspired by the music of John Adams. It is light footed with playful elements alternated by  spirited rhythmic passages.

Bela Bartok was the source of inspiration for the second movement. A melody in folk style is supported by a rhythmic ostinato.

In the third movement I was inspired by Shostakovitch. A quiet and lullaby like motif develops from a simple rhythmic accompaniment of notes which are close together.

The final movement is effervescent and has Iberian influences as in the works of Darius Milhaud. It is  virtuoso and rousing.

Whilst not wishing to imitate the above mentioned composers I have tried to compose a solo work for Wind Band, in which each section is fully exploited.

Recording: by Musique Militaire Grand-Ducale, Luxembourg (L) – conducted by Major Andre Reichling.

Full Recording: CD ➞ “Respighiana”.

Demo Score: ➞ Concerto for Band 

Publisher: → Bronsheim Music